A group of CP sending trolls has been baiting people to our website. These are not members of our community, so we have no control over how they act. We do not condone, nor would we ever post or host on our sites, any material of this nature. If they send you illegal content, you need to contact the police, not us.

How do I join you?
Click the chat button above. If the server is closed, shoot an email to the official Kekmamail. You may also use a desktop Matrix >
How can I contact you?
Send an email to [email protected]. You can find this address at the top of, in case you forget.
What is
A shock-site created in 2019. It was originally known as, until the domain was seized by the Gabonese government. It then moved to, which was also seized, for "terrorism".
Why did you make this?
Because it's funny.
What do I do in the chat?
Talk to people. Make friends. Share cool things you've made. Collaborate on projects. Play video games. It's where everyone hangs out.
What cool stuff are you talking about?
The site itself - it was, through 2020, the most active shock site online, getting hundreds of thousands of views from all over the world daily. It has been featured knowyourmeme and urbandirctionary.
Why did you make this?
Because it's funny.
Why am I being called a retarded niggerfaggot?
Because you are. And because it's funny.
What is your political stance?
None. Leave politifaggotry off the Internet, or at least our community.
Why are you not using discord?
Because it's gay, broken, anti-gamer, infested with pedophiles and trannies, who can take any server down just by reporting it enough times. Ours, as well as a bunch of unrelated servers, were deleted, and all accounts banned just for associating with, including random polish jews.
Why are you no longer using rocketchat?
It's horrendously broken, full of CPU spikes and memory leaks, and MongoDB will burst into flames if you fart in a 10 meter radius of it. Matrix provides us with all the things we need in a much more>